About Us

Awesome Bars are vegan, handcrafted granola bars created in San Francisco by us sisters, Leah & Stephanie. We created this recipe because the world needs a natural snack that is healthy, high in protein and tastes delicious.

With our awesome team, we do everything by hand; from rolling out the batches, cutting the bars to size, and carefully packaging each bar. We put a lot of love in our bars and we know you can taste it!

We use all natural ingredients - no preservatives, no protein powders, no GMO products. Our bars are high in protein and high in fiber – they make for the perfect breakfast, post workout snack, or for whenever you need a boost of awesome.

Whether you’re running up mountains, running the world, or just running to catch the bus, it is our goal to ensure you have a tasty snack in hand!




I love Awesome Bars. They're the most delicious, healthy snack on the go, and I love that they taste like dessert but only include good-for-you ingredients. 



Awesome Bars are one of my favorite go to snacks. There's nothing like a Salty Peanut Awesome Bar when you want to feel and eat awesome. 



Awesome Bars are the best granola snack by far. The bars are perfect for busy bodies who need a healthy, tasty, and awesome snack on-the-go!




I won bars from beafitfox.com. I wanted to let you know that I ate one, and liked it so much that I decided I would spread the word about your company and shared the rest.  It was a difficult decision, as your  bars are SO INCREDIBLY FREAKING DELICIOUS! but I couldnt keep the deliciousness to myself. So, I ate the Coconut Pecan, and gave the rest away with a glowing review. Keep up the awesomeness! I would order a billion bars if I could, but I'm a momma on a tight budget. Thank you for the opportunity to try these amazing bars. They are truly some of the best bars Ive ever tried!




You really can't fake awesome. I've been telling my husband that for nearly 15 years!  ;)

I just wanted to reach out to guys and let you know that your product is truly appreciated, enjoyed and CONSUMED in South Texas.
I grabbed a few bars a bit back out of the Fit Approach store because (1) I like granola, (2) I was trying to get off of the packaged, processed granola I had been eating, (3) I trust Jamie and Alyse and figured if it was on their site it had to be good and (4) I was buying other stuff and figured 'why not?'.

I was more than pleasantly surprised by my first bar and began to ration the rest from that first, small order.

I ordered more after really, really missing having them in the pantry.  I know what I received was more than I paid for and I was so, so ecstatic, thankful and (for a split second) greedy. I wanted to hide them all and let them be mine. However, I have shared them with the husband (well, he just took them) and older daughter (at least Makayla asked first) as well as a few chosen friends who appreciate good food.

My daughter reminded me (saying 'again' very dramatically) this morning that we were out of the Salty Peanut bars and could I 'please order them already' (said even more dramatically) as she popped the last bite of a Trail Mix bar in her mouth.

I'm putting a care package of pink laces, Nuun and Awesome Bars together for a high school friend who is training for her first half in Ohio.  My theme is 'what got me through my half training'.  I know she's going to love what I put in there not just because its from me and I think I'm awesome but because it contains some awesome things created and repped by people that I find pretty awesome, too.

All this rambling just to say hello and thank you.  And, please excuse typos as I have drafted this on my iPhone in between other tasks.

Happy Thursday!

PS:  I say awesome all the time.  True story: I would say 'bring me an awesome bar'  and my husband thought I was just calling them awesome bars because I say awesome all the time when I like something.  It wasn't until he actually read a wrapper the other day that he realized they were Awesome Bars.  Cracked me up!



I bought your coconut pecan bar at Cafe La Stazione on 22nd street last week in a hurry to catch the train. First bite caught my attention, which lead me to read the ingredients.  I'm SO lucky and happy to have stumbled across your truly awesome bars!  I'm pregnant and have been struggling to find a healthy and delicious on-the-go snack, but my search is over.  Keep up the amazing work! Even your wrapper is biodegradable!! I'm especially excited about the agave nectar and brown sugar instead of white sugar and NO toasted rice!  

Yeah I'm excited!!!

Thank you for creating Awesome bars!